Overseas Services We Offer

Exclusive Containers
Car Container Consolidation
Pickup/Deliver Containers to Port
Marina Insurance
Documentation/Customs Clearance

Overseas Shipping Requirements
Year, make and model of vehicle.
License plate and VIN number.
Original title, bill of sale, copy of passport.
Name, address and telephone number of the consignee, Full payment prior to the pickup of
your vehicle.

U.S. Ports of Departure
Receiving and Loading Warehouses-

U.S. Bonded Terminals

Long Beach, CA
Galveston, TX
Houston, TX

Jacksonville, FL
Miami, FL
Charleston, SC
Brunswick, GA

Savannah, GA

Baltimore, MD
Portsmouth, VA

Newport News, VA

North Fork, VA

Livingston, NJ

Departure Schedules
Ships depart approximately every week, delivery times vary depending on the port of arrival. For more international car shipping information, including scheduling and price structures please contact one of our experienced agents by calling our toll free number: 800-779-3329

Customer Testimonials

ship car overseas
I got my Ventura from you all in perfect condition, as with all my cars I ship with you! Thanks again!  - Gord, Canada

ship a car to europe
Hi Linda, the 59 Cadillac arrived this morning as scheduled.  Thanks for all your hard work on this! - Lincoln, Australia

ship car overseas
Hi Eric, everything went great! They got the bike up here in A-1 condition. I will certainly use you all again the next time I move and will recommend you all to everyone I work with. Thanks again, Bill, S.C.

Ms. Linda, it was great working with you on having my Maxima shipped from Tampa, Florida to Guam.  Everything went well.  My car is in great shape.  I picked up my vehicle several weeks ago.  Thanks again and blessings to you! Sincerely, Jon M. - Guam

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Overseas Car Shipping Frequently Ask Questions

We have provided answers to a list of frequently asked questions and concerns most of our customers usually have regarding their shipping and transport of their vehicle.  Our professional staff will answer any questions you may have in order to serve you better. We hope the answers below will be useful, and help make your experience with us a pleasant one.
 International Auto Transport Shipping Process

1) What are the port and clearance charges?

These are off loading and documentation fees are charged by the destination country. Each country differs. Container off loading fees are usually double that of roll-on/roll-off fees.

2) Will anybody assist me when my vehicle arrives?

Yes, we have clearing agents at all ports that can assist you but you can do the clearing yourself if you choose.

3) Do I need a driver’s license in another country?

You should get an International Driver's License from the AAA Automobile Association in your area. However, your American Driver's License will suffice in Europe. You can drive on your American plates in a foreign country until they expire, when you will be required to renew your plates in the country of residence.

4) Do I need insurance to travel on the roads in foreign countries?

Yes, Insurance can be bought at the port of destination or you can arrange it prior to picking up your vehicle with an insurance company of your choice.

5) Can I have anyone pick up my vehicle?

You can designate any person to pick up your vehicle but you must advise us so we can enter his or her name as the consignee when your order is booked. Once your vehicle arrives at the destination port and you decide to charge the consignee there is an additional charge. They will be required to identify themselves with a picture ID.

6) Do we provide Marine insurance?

Yes. You can purchase insurance for your vehicle at the time of your booking. This insurance is called Marine insurance. Check with your insurance company on your vehicle prior to shipping to see if they offer Marine Insurance. We offer Marine insurance at 3% value of your vehicle. This is a onetime policy only. Pac Global are the underwriters. However, customs and the vessel lines do not required you to have Marine insurance on your vehicle when shipping internationally.

Insurance is 3.0% value of the vehicle. Base on the Original Bill of Sales. There are two options:

A. Total Loss? This is available to all shipments. Coverage of this is: fire, theft or loss only. A total value must be placed on the shipment ($1000.00 deductible per policy).

B. Automobile: All-Risks coverage, excluding: marring, denting, chipping, and scratching on vehicles, unless the affected part cannot be repaired and must be replaced. Major damages would be included in this section ($500.00 deductible per policy).

7) Can I load my car with personal possessions?

Yes. If you are shipping your vehicle in a shared container or on it own you will be permitted to pack goods into the car only. These goods are sent under your own risk and cannot be insured. The only time your goods are covered with insurance is when our company packs the container.

8) Can bad weather affect the condition of my vehicle?

Yes. Shipping containers are not air tight, and are subject to changing weather patterns. This can result in the growth of mildew on your upholstery. To avoid this, we suggest that you cover your seats with a sheet or cloth.

9) Are you able to guarantee delivery dates?
Typically, we provide customers with shipments that meet their expected arrival dates. However, sometimes due to customs delays, vessels canceling their departures, or in the event of lack of enough freight available for consolidated shipments delays can occur.

10) Do I pay import duties and sale taxes?

Please note that returning citizens or foreign buyers may be subject to import duties and taxes. Each and every country has different laws so we urge you to contact the embassy of the respective country to clarify the matter.

11) What is Roll-On/Roll-Off?

(RO/RO) transport means the vehicles are stored below deck, and open to the elements. This method is less expensive than a container. Generally, we do not offer RORO service, because of the unprotected nature of this method.

12) How much gas should be left in the vehicle?

Please keep your gas tank NO MORE THAN ¼ full of gas. If your vehicle has more than ¼ of a tank of gas the port will emptied it for an additional charge to you.

13) What is a customs clearance broker?

A customs clearance broker is a person who is capable of passing your vehicle through the formalities of the country of departure and destination.

14) What type of payment is accepted for overseas shipment?

We ONLY accept money wire transfers for all overseas shipments. We will provide you with our bank information upon booking your order.

Worldwide Auto Shipping

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