Overseas Services We Offer

Exclusive Containers
Car Container Consolidation
Pickup/Deliver Containers to Port
Marina Insurance
Documentation/Customs Clearance

Overseas Shipping Requirements
Year, make and model of vehicle.
License plate and VIN number.
Original title, bill of sale, copy of passport.
Name, address and telephone number of the consignee, Full payment prior to the pickup of
your vehicle.

U.S. Ports of Departure
Receiving and Loading Warehouses-

U.S. Bonded Terminals

Long Beach, CA
Galveston, TX
Houston, TX

Jacksonville, FL
Miami, FL
Charleston, SC
Brunswick, GA

Savannah, GA

Baltimore, MD
Portsmouth, VA

Newport News, VA

North Fork, VA

Livingston, NJ

Departure Schedules
Ships depart approximately every week, delivery times vary depending on the port of arrival. For more international car shipping information, including scheduling and price structures please contact one of our experienced agents by calling our toll free number: 800-779-3329

Customer Testimonials

I got my Ventura from you all in perfect condition, as with all my cars I ship with you! Thanks again!  - Gord, Canada

ship a car to europe
Hi Linda, the 59 Cadillac arrived this morning as scheduled.  Thanks for all your hard work on this! - Lincoln, Australia

Hi Eric, everything went great! They got the bike up here in A-1 condition. I will certainly use you all again the next time I move and will recommend you all to everyone I work with. Thanks again, Bill, S.C.

Ms. Linda, it was great working with you on having my Maxima shipped from Tampa, Florida to Guam.  Everything went well.  My car is in great shape.  I picked up my vehicle several weeks ago.  Thanks again and blessings to you! Sincerely, Jon M. - Guam

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Motorcycle Transport


Motorcycle Transport Services

Motorcycle Transport services can ship your motorcycle anywhere domestic and international.  Motorcycles are palletized and strap down with nylon straps.  There are two straps to secure the motorcycle, one in front one in the back. These pallets are called skids.  These skids are designed especially for shipping your motorcycle safely.   The motorcycle is covered and transported in an enclosed auto transporter.  Enclosed auto transporters have a lift gate for safe loading into the truck.

You need to prepare the motorcycle for shipping.  Have less then ¼ tank of gas, and remove all loose parts.   Loose parts are not covered by insurance nor are the drivers responsible for these items.  The transporter will do an inspection report upon pick up and delivery of the motorcycle.  A copy of the condition report will be left to the person or agent upon pick up and delivery.

Most Motorcycles are only covered for $5000.00.  If the motorcycle is worth more than the limit, you can purchase additional coverage.  Additional insurance cost $.80 per hundred dollars.   This additional insurance is available prior to placing a booking order.  Ask your agent for assistance.

Motorcycles shipping overseas need an original title.  Motorcycles are consolidated into a container to share the shipping cost.  There is no insurance when shipping overseas.  Insurance is not required.  However, most ocean liners offer marina insurance.  This insurance is usually 3.0% value of the freight you are shipping.  Please see International Shipping Q&A on the front page.